Friday 22 January 2016

Dead Frontier: Wastelands

It's finally here!
I'm proud to announce that the Dead Frontier: Wastelands update is now live. If you're level 100 or over you can visit the Wastelands by travelling to the new brown area of the map located just below Precinct 13. This area is something completely new for Dead Frontier, a place where end-game players will face their ultimate challenge.

Epic Rewards
Although loot spots are scarce in the Wastelands, your chances of finding something good are far higher. Each time you loot you'll have an 8x higher chance of finding a level 120 weapon, armour or implant than you would in the southern end-zone. You also will not find lower level 'junk' loot here. On top of this you'll receive 25% more EXP for every point of damage you inflict on the enemy.

Vicious Hordes
The Wastelands feature huge hordes of infected well beyond anything you've seen in DF previously. These hordes are made up four brand new types of mutation that'll be sure to keep you on your toes. And if that wasn't bad enough you'll also face several boss tier enemies mixed in with the normal infected. If you're really unlucky you'll come face to face with the "Devil Hound", a super tough boss creature which at the time writing this, 3 days after release, nobody has managed to kill yet. Could you be the first?

PvP Warzone
In the Wastelands PvP is mandatory and you'll earn approximately 10x more points than you would in the arena. This means you'll need to be extra vigilant for those seeking your head. The good news is you cannot hit members of your own clan, which means team-work will be the key to surviving this warzone.

So if you haven't logged in for a while I implore you to come back and give the Wastelands a look. It really is a lot of fun and great challenge for hardcore players.