Tuesday 15 September 2015

New updates are on the way!

In the past couple of weeks I've made some fairly major changes to Dead Frontier. You can now play the game with the much improved stand-alone client, I've blocked most hacks/cheats/exploits and I've launched some new types of bosses. However this just the tip of the iceberg in terms of updates I've got planned during the next few months. Here are just some of them:

Dusk Prices (get the bad news out of the way first I say!)
These will be increased fairly soon, especially the Ultra Boost. If you are thinking about getting any of these soon I recommend doing it in the next week or so.

Clan Upgrades
The owner of a clan can exchange their victory points for bonuses which will extend to the entire clan. So for example, 100 victory points might buy a +1% EXP bonus for every clan member. This is long overdue and will therefore be implemented very soon.

The Wasteland
Rather than simply extending the existing city, I've decided to make a brand new type of area altogether. The Wastelands will be a large patch of desolate arid terrain designed to be the ultimate survival challenge for elite Dead Frontier players. Loot spots in the Wastelands will be few and far between, but the rewards will be far greater. PVP will be forced on, and PvP points earned here will be greater than anywhere else. Truely gigantic zombie hordes (made possible by the faster client) will roam the Wastelands, making the ultimate challenge for hardcore players.

These are a new type of item that will grant bonuses in a similar way to drugs (such as bonus exp, damage, speed etc). Simply having them in your inventory will allow you get the benefits which will add together. So for example if you have ten +1% Damage implants in your inventory then you'll get +10% damage on top of any other bonuses you already have. Similar bonuses will be made available for improving loot chances/amounts (Ie +1% Cash). Obviously you'll need to balance the need for a stronger character with inventory space. Implants will be both lootable and used as rewards for the various Dusk competitions.

New Arenas
I'm planning to add some new arena locations that will cycle during the day to add some more variety.

I have not listed any time scales here since I am notoriously bad at estimating them. However I am secretly hoping to have this all ready before Halloween (aka Christmas :P)