Monday 10 January 2011

Recent updates

There has been quite a few updates to the game in the last week or so.

The first of which is the Arena. Accessible from every outpost is now a PvP Arena where you can fight without needing to worry about maintenance costs for your character. When you die or leave the arena, you health and armour are restored back to full. You also don't lose any cash or exp when you die, and death in the Arena does not count for winning the Top Survivor award. The idea of this is to allow people to PvP for fun. You still get PvP points in the Arena, but only 1/4 what you'd get from fighting in the Inner City.

The other major update is to the Credit shop. Prices have been significantly reduced across the board. In addition, I have also removed the Gau-19. It may come back at a later date, but for now it is 100% unavailable for purchase.

Gold Memberships have had their benefits boosted significantly. They now only need 5 seconds to revive after death, and gain double exp (rather than the previous +25%). They also have even higher looting chances than before.

And finally, assault rifles and heavy machine guns have had their damage boosted slightly. Excluding the GAU, I felt they were underpowered when you considered the ammo costs. Hopefully this should balance things out more.