Monday 30 March 2015

Easter Evisceration 2015

Easter Evisceration is coming! New enemies, new loot and a ton of bonus EXP!

This year we'll be celebrating Easter with maximum carnage. Starting around 6am EST on Friday April 3rd and continuing through until the early hours of Tuesday April 7th, all players will be able to hunt a rare class of infected that will only appear through Easter. What's more, they'll be dropping some very special Easter loot. Oh, and we'll be chucking in a 2x EXP bonus for the entire 4 days as well.

Make them bleed their own blood this Easter!

Monday 16 March 2015

New Limited Edition SMG - Nine Cutter X

We've just released a new Limited Edition SMG. The Nine Cutter X is the most powerful SMG in the game, but it will only be available until April 10th 2015 so get it while you still can!

Check it out in the Credit Shop: