Saturday 27 March 2010

Just thought I'd show a few screen shots showing the exterior areas of DF3D:

Friday 19 March 2010

March Progress Report

As you probably know, we recently released Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 ( Unfortunately finishing this game took a lot longer than I expected and ultimately prevented me from making serious progress on DF 3D over the past few weeks.

Whilst DF: Outbreak has generated a lot of new players I've decided that I will not be working on a 3rd part until after DF 3D is finished as I don't want the project pushed back any further.

Taking all of this into account I've revised my schedule as follows:

Exterior Scene Generation

Player Handling
Basic Enemies
*two week holiday in russia*

Server Communication
Advanced Enemies
*demo 2*


Interior Scene Generation
*final release*

We're now looking at final release towards the end of July. I'm sure this will be bit of a disappointment for some of you, but looking back at my previous schedule it was never going to be realistic due to the other tasks I had to work on at the start of the year. Fingers crossed, I shouldn't have anything else to take me away from DF 3D for the next 6 months, so things shouldn't get pushed back any further.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the enemy models: