Wednesday 30 November 2011

Corpse Grinder

To celebrate Christmas 2011 I've just released a new Limited Edition chainsaw. The Corpse Grinder is the most powerful chainsaw in the game, and will only be available until December 31st so get it while you still can!

Check it out in the Credit Shop:

New baby on the way

Just a quick heads up. My 2nd son is due to be born any day now, so it's quite unlikely that I'm going to make any significant progress on DF over the next 4 weeks or so (if it's anything like last time, I won't be sleeping *at all* in December).

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Awesome zombie cake

Not really anything to do with development, but figured I'd mention this since it's zombie related. Today was my 25th birthday, and my wife surprised me with an utterly epic zombie cake. Here are some pics:

Okay, now that I've shown the world what it looks like, it's time to eat it. Om nom nom...

P.S Yes my wife calls me Boo Boo.