Thursday 12 April 2012

Interior Release

My plan was to release a handful of basic interiors sometime tomorrow, which I could still do. However, these interiors really are very simple (only one floor, very sparse design-wise etc) and there are still a fair few bugs I need to work out. Honestly I think you guys would be very disappointed if you saw these. Therefore, I've decided to delay things another week so that I can least get most of the bugs figured out, get the multiple floor system finalized and make them look a bit more interesting.

Here is my release plan:
1. Some interiors towards the end of next week. I'm aiming to have about 5 different building designs complete. This will be a GM only release.

2. Approximately 1 week later, I will release the barricading and personal outpost system for GMs.

3. Another 1-2 weeks later, I will release the full interior and barricading system for everyone. We should have about 35 building designs, each with a lot of random variations. And of course, all bugs should be completely ironed out by then, based on GM feedback.