Sunday 1 April 2012

Creaky Corpse Ltd acquired (April Fool)

Note: This was an April fools joke, we are not actually going to be taken over by Disney!

For quite some time I've been receiving various proposals from companies wanting to buy Creaky Corpse Ltd and/or Dead Frontier. In the past I've always ignored these potential deals, as they never really seemed serious and the companies in question didn't seem like they would do much to advance DF in the long term. However, a few months ago I was contacted by Disney®.

At first I was incredibly sceptical, why on earth would a kid's entertainment company want to add a violent game to it's portfolio? Still, they are incredibly large outfit and I was intrigued to see what their proposal would be (the free first class flight out to California was a big plus too!)

After several weeks of discussion, I've finally come around to the idea and I'm pleased to announce that I've just signed the paperwork. As of the May 12th, Creaky Corpse Ltd will become part of Disney® 's online gaming portfolio.

First of all, I want to reassure you all that this a good thing for Dead Frontier. I know many of you have been unhappy with the speed of updates recently, and having our new parent company's massive resources to draw on will be a big help in this department. The Disney® team have some brilliant ideas which they'll be implementing very soon after the process is complete. Together, we're going to transform Dead Frontier from a small niche title into something that can be enjoyed by a much larger audience.

Here is a list of planned features:
  • Vehicles. You'll be able to find and fix up various motor vehicles in the Inner City. These can then be used for fast transportation, or just for running zombies over :) You'll also be able to 'pimp' your ride out with a wide array of cool upgrades.

  • New Weapons, Armour and Clothing. The Dead Frontier 'wardrobe' is going to literally triple in size. There will be literally tons of variety between avatars. We'll also be adding a few more humorous pieces of equipment, such as water balloons, inflatable mallets and rubber chickens.

  • Interiors and Barricading will finally be complete! You'll be able to decorate your personal outpost with a wide array of cool decorations. You'll also be able to invite your friends around for parties.

  • Game Rebalancing. Dead Frontier is a little on the difficult side as it stands, and really nobody likes dying. Going forward, only 25% of locations will actually have enemies, the rest of the game world can be used to relax and chat with your friends. The areas that do have enemies will have their aggro vastly reduced.

  • Character Journals. Everyone will be able to write their own personal blogs, where they can talk about their hobbies, their feelings and relationships etc.

  • Graphical Overhaul. Let's face it, Dead Frontier is looking a little dated by now. We're going to rework everything to give it a much more uplifting and vibrant design. Right now Dead Frontier only really appeals to young male adults, when really we need to come up with something that women and children will also be able to enjoy.

This is just a tiny slice of all the cool new features to come. I'm sure Disney® will come up with even more cool stuff like this over the course of the next couple of years. Stay tuned!

P.S April fool :D