Wednesday 27 July 2011

Week Starting 25th of July 2011



Random bug fixes
More anti-cheat stuff

Woke up today to find my hard disk had died. Luckily I have everything backed up online, but it's still going to delay me a bit. Have to wait until tomorrow for a new disk to be delivered, and once that's in it's going to take a while to download all 51GB of data back on to it. There are still some bits a pieces for missions I can get done while I'm waiting however.

New hard disk eventually arrived (was supposed to be before 9am but didn't get here until 3pm). Since then I've been fighting with the stupid online backup service's data restore process. Got the first 10GB of data, only for the software crash. After restarting the restore it went right back to the beginning >.< I'm now attempting another restore method. At this rate I probably won't have all my necessary files until the end of tomorrow. Unfortunately all of this is beginning to cut a serious hole in my schedule as there isn't much else I can do until my files have been restored. So looks like there is going to be a delay on the missions being released.

Managed to get my most important DF files downloaded overnight so was actually able to get quite a lot of mission stuff done today after all. Aiming to have something ready for GM's in the next few days.