Monday 11 July 2011

Week Starting 11th July 2011

More bug fixes for anti-cheat

Mission artwork specifications
Started mission programming

Just in case anyone is interested, here is a rough mock up of what the mission/event briefing screen might look like:

Mission system

Mission system

Some of you asked about an ETA for the missions. I expect to have the core system finished sometime around the 25th of this month. Although, we wouldn't have any proper missions created, so I'd expect another week after that before we would have enough for things to be playable. So GMs should have access to some missions at the start of next month, and everyone else will get them a couple of weeks after that.

Mission system

Mission system

I'm spending today making some changes to the game.

- Made it impossible for other people to see your credits and inventory contents. This was a response to complaints about privacy.

- Raised the exp required for levels 30+. The sudden surge in the number of level 200 characters was a wake up call that the exp rate had gotten a bit too high. Once missions are released it'll be possible to gain even more, so something had to be done to stop the game getting too easy.

- Level 200s now have permanent access to the Dusk shop. This a response to complaints that anyone with a lot of real life commitments would never be able to dedicate an entire week to winning entry into the Dusk shop, and therefore would never be able to have the best equipment in the game. So instead it's now possible to eventually get the Dusk gear by levelling less frequently over a greater period of time.