Thursday 25 February 2010

Progress Report

That last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. To cut a long story short in order to minimize Dead Frontier's tax bill we've had to spend a significant amount of time reforming it's legal structure which has eaten up a lot of mine and Ian's time.

Despite this I have still managed to make some progress on the 3D client, but not as much as I had originally planned. Here is the current project status:

- General Runtime Security [done]
- Anti Speed Hack [done]
- Server Communication Security [done]
- Secure Local Save System [done]
- Basic movement, lighting and camera with placeholders [done]

- Basic Server Communication [done]
- Variable Loading Backend [done]
- Item Finding Backend
- Barricading Backend
- Missions Backend
- Finalized camera, lighting and physics [done]
- First demo release to GMs [done]

- Player Weapon System
- Player Avatars
- Player Animations
- Player AI

- Interior scene generation
- Exterior scene generation
- OAs

- Basic Enemies
- Full Combat
- Special Enemies and Bosses
- Full Spawning System
- SP Release - GM Only

- Basic CO-OP Multiplayer
- Auto-Instancing
- Friend and Party System
- PvP
- Full Release

- Bug Fixes
- Tutorial/Ad Game

So as you can see so far this month I've only managed to complete about half the planned work. Also I'm going to spend the remaining few days of February finishing the second part of our text-based mini series, Dead Frontier: Outbreak. This will effectively put me about 2 weeks behind schedule .

Luckily I built a lot of leeway into my plan for things like Enemies and Players. I've given myself an entire month each for those, but if I stay focused I can probably do them in about half the time. This will then give me the time to come back and finished those pieces of back end programming.

P.S The artists (BlackBow) have been making great progress and it looks like they are going to be finish well ahead of their own deadline. If only I could work as fast a them!