Tuesday 2 February 2010

3D Client Progress Report

First of all I'd like to welcome everybody to my new blog. I'll be using this to keep everyone up to date with the development of the new 3D client and other upcoming updates.

So far the new 3D client has been in development for about a month and I have to admit that we have very little to show at this stage. This is mainly because I've decided to work primarily on the tougher, non visual issues such as security and server communication first. My reasons for doing this are two-fold:

  1. For a game developer motivation can be an issue from time to time. Generally when a project is started motivation is high and progress is quick and easy. As time goes on it's harder to stay motivated and whilst you put in the same number of hours it's hard to stay 100% focused. One way to help mitigate this is to save the most 'fun' elements of the game design until last. Therefore doing the 'boring' things first (like server communication and security) should in theory optimize the overall speed of development.

  2. Our 3D artists haven't had enough time to create the artwork yet. Whilst we can use place-holders, it's far easier to work with the finished product as it allows artwork specific tweaks to be done on the fly rather than later on in the project. Therefore it makes sense to stall development of the visual aspects of the game until we have something solid to work with.
As it stands, here is my current plan and progress for the development of the 3D client:

- General Runtime Security [done]
- Anti Speed Hack [done]
- Server Communication Security [done]
- Secure Local Save System [done]
- Basic movement, lighting and camera with placeholders [done]

- Basic Server Communication
- Variable Loading Backend
- Item Finding Backend
- Barricading Backend
- Missions Backend
- Finalized camera, lighting and physics
- First demo release to GMs

- Player Weapon System
- Player Avatars
- Player Animations
- Player AI

- Interior scene generation
- Exterior scene generation
- OAs

- Basic Enemies
- Full Combat
- Special Enemies and Bosses
- Full Spawning System
- SP Release - GM Only

- Basic CO-OP Multiplayer
- Auto-Instancing
- Friend and Party System
- PvP
- Full Release

- Bug Fixes
- Tutorial/Ad Game

Whilst I'm on schedule so far there is every possibility of delays further down the line. For example in March I'll need to restructure the business and get our tax affairs in order which could take a good week by itself. I also want to release DF: Outbreak 2 at some point this month which may take a couple of days out of my time.

That's all for now. I'll post more news at it comes.