Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween Madness & More

Introducing Halloween Madness!
We're going to be running a Halloween event that will start on Wednesday 31st October and continue through until Sunday 4th November. During that time all players will be able to hunt a new, rare class of infected that will only appear through Halloween. What's more, they'll be dropping some very special Halloween themed loot. Oh, and we'll be chucking in an extra +50% EXP for the entire 5 days as well! Don't miss it! :-)

And now for something completely different...

Update Progress Report:
Everything has been going to plan nicely with the recent set of updates. As of now, here is what has already been completed:

  • 40 new missions
  • 2 missions per day system
  • Increased level cap to 220
  • Ultra Boost was introduced for people with Dusk Shop access. This $100m upgrade should help fight inflation in the DF economy in the long term.
  • Ammo loot locations were tweaked to provide a more even supply for those who need it.

And here is what I should have finished before the end of October:

  • Another 20 Fort Pastor missions
  • New harder end zone
  • New tougher enemies
  • Improved anti-cheat provisions primarily aimed at preventing exploits in the PvP arena.
  • Bug fixes
New equipment will be coming, but unfortunately it won't be in-game until January 2013. This is mainly due to the time needed for our 2D and 3D artists to complete all the required pieces. I had previously said that there would be almost 100 new pieces of equipment, however after going through the details more closely, it turns out that number will actually have to be closer to 50. Sorry for the confusion.

I'm also very keen to get a complete overhaul of the multiplayer system implemented very soon. The main goal would be to convert the system from TCP over to UDP. This would allow for much more rapid communication which in turn should lead to vastly improved sync, and less lag related bugs. In theory it should also lead to an improved frame rate. I'd really like to get this done in early November, but I can't make any promises unfortunately.