Thursday 19 January 2012

Dislocated Shoulder + Surgery

A few days ago I dislocated my right shoulder. Many of you will know that this has happened to me several times before. At this stage I've dislocated my left shoulder once, and my right shoulder three times.

Normally dislocating a shoulder is something that only happens to me when doing something fairly manly (such as rock climbing, firing a bow or doing an assault course). However this time was different... I did it by yawning. I'm really not joking.

Apparently my right shoulder is so loose, and so badly damaged from my previous injuries that simply raising my right arm above my head and stretching/yawning, is enough to dislocate it. Unfortunately, dislocating a shoulder whilst yawning is just as painful, and just as damaging as doing it through some kind of sport.

It's been about a week since I did it, and I'm now recovered enough to use the computer (although it still hurts a bit). The bad news is that I'm definitely going to need surgery to repair the damage if I ever want to return to a semi-active lifestyle. I'm expecting to have the operation in early February. Once it's done it'll probably 2 months before I'll be able to use the arm again.

Once those two months have passed, I'm also seriously considering having the same operation on the left arm. Whilst i'ts only been fully dislocated once before, it does partially dislocate every now and then (pops out for a second then goes back in by itself). Therefore, I will almost certainly need the operation at some point in the future, and I think I would rather get it all out of the way at once than live with the fear of future dislocations for several more years (probably sounds cheesy, but I'm sure anyone who's the done the same would agree with me that dislocating a shoulder is one of the most painful things that can happen to your body).

As I'm sure you can imagine all of this is going to hinder my progress on DF somewhat. I will still be doing stuff during my recovery period, but it's not going to be anything spectacular unfortunately.

I know this isn't the update many of you were hoping for, and I won't be surprised if some of you are annoyed. But anyway, I suppose posting this is far better than keeping quiet.