Monday 3 October 2011

Triple EXP Tuesday!

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 4th October 2011) from 2pm EST until 10pm EST all characters will receive 3x their normal EXP.  This includes normal exp from zombies, boss exp, mission rewards and OA bonuses :)

Why am I doing this? Well we really want to see how well our servers can handle an abnormally large number of players. We want to get literally as many people online as humanly possible during that time, so we can find any weaknesses. This will mean that in the future a large spike in player numbers will be less likely to cause problems for our servers, which will make the game far more enjoyable for everyone.

So, make sure you're online tomorrow between 2pm and 10pm EST! And if you have any friends who have a DF account, be sure to tell them about this mini-event :)

Times around the world:
11am until 7pm PST (West Coast USA)
12pm until 8pm MDT (Central USA)
1pm until 9pm CDT (Central USA)
2pm until 10pm EST (East Coast USA)
7pm until 3am GMT (UK)
8pm until 4am GMT+1 (Western Europe)
10pm until 6am GMT+3 (Russia)
5am until 1pm AEST (Wednesday 5th) (Australia)