Tuesday 9 August 2011

Week Starting 8th of August

Weekend break


Expecting to have enough done for GMs to play by sometime this evening.

Tuesday Evening

Just a few minutes away now. Thought I should mention that the final artwork is not yet ready, so you will see a lot of ugly placeholder stuff. That of course will be sorted as soon as the final artwork is done. I'd also like to note that we literally only have 6 missions at the moment, 2 at Nastya's, 2 at Fort, 1 at Precinct and 1 at Dogg's. Of course many more will be added in the next few weeks. Due to the small number of missions you'll only be able to do one per day for the time being.

Mission bug fixes and improvements

Some people are complaining about bugs, difficulty/balance and some issues with seeing your briefing etc. Rest assured I'll be addressing all of these problems. Remember that this is a brand new feature and is likely to have these kind of teething issues for the next couple of weeks or so.


Went on an assault course activity day with Ian (Xaelath). Managed to dislocate my right arm again. Went to a hospital where instead of slowly manipulating the arm back into the correct position (like they did the last two times), the doctor decided to violently force it into place as quickly as he possibly could. It didn't work, and the end result was the worst pain I've felt in my life (despite being on 10mg of morphine), and judging by how my arm feels today they did some extra damage in the process. In the end I had to be sedated for them to get it back in. I'll make sure not to go to that hostpial again.

Luckily I can still use it enough to continue adding missions.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes