Thursday 30 September 2010

It seems like I've managed to fix just about all of the major bugs with 3D now. There may be a few little glitches here and there that need sorting at some stage, but for the moment the game seems pretty stable. The instance following system is now working so you can pretty much guarantee to meet up with your up with your friend(s) in multiplayer by hitting F2 and typing in their name.

Since everything is now stable enough, over the next couple of weeks I'm going to focus my attention on redesigning the website and doing some promotion of the new 3D game.
In addition, my wife and I will be moving house sometime this month which is probably going to take another week out of my timetable all said and done.

So in conclusion, don't expect any major updates to the actual 3D game until sometime towards in the end of October. When I do start on it again I'll be working on boss loots and getting all other special enemies added first. Then it'll be on to interiors and barricading.