Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New zombies and boss loots are out!

Please note that they are probably unbalanced and there may be some bugs. Of course I'll fix these problems up over the next few days.



  1. FIRST!....

    the new zombies are EPIC!!!! it. You were on time, sorry to flame xD

  2. YESSS...(still waiing for buildings and missions to come back xD,keep up the good work ^^)
    btw, buying GM ^^
    aaaaand...second xDD

  3. Nice updates, but I confirm: still require to balance out.
    Eventually this will lead to less melee players and drop prices in melee weapons.

    With the updates melee became unplayable, and I am level 43 with
    - GC Grinder
    - 110 critical hits
    - 124 agility

    Too many zombies going for area damage.

    Maybe reduce the range?

  4. It amazing and exciting but can't survive for a longer time or even loop...Using Melee is useless!

  5. Awesome update. But it needs a ton of nerfing.
    Aggro needs lowering
    Puking greens seem quite unneccessary with the fat puking one there. and they make the grinder useless as a crowd control weapon... which is the only thing it used to be good for.
    Spiders OR Tendrils need to be slowed down.
    Sirens need a bit of nerfing too.
    And the aggro seems to be endless at the moment. every other minute or so there's an aggro spike and BAM you're killed by a HUGE spider(boss).

    oh, and the zeds that go BOOM in a cloud of green stuff need a delay on the "BOOM" part.

    Well... that was my oppinion. Thank you for the update and I hope things get settled at a reasonable level of raep soon, cause I can't even GET to DR anymore ;P probably need more practice.

  6. Ok, well, I played a little and found out some stuff.

    The exploding zeds are really annoying, we can kill Titans with melee, now we need to use a long ranged weapon because after the zed is killed with melee it explodes in turn damaging us.

    Melee is now useless. I'm getting a stat reset. With 124 agility, spiders are still quite fast. Someething should bee done to atleast make the melee usable in the game. I don't see the point of using melee unless I'm going for TPK now.

    I'm sure of the Katana/Battle axes prices going down and MGs/Shotguns going up. The new zombies will have a REALLY BIG change in the game.

    I don't really thing there's a need of those green zombies and yes, I noticed that their acid spray can even go past walls -___-, that was lame. Fix the bug.

    Overall, i give the update a 4/10 and it gets the 4 because of boss loots. Non-browser caching would have been a much much more better update. But this update excited me for 10 minutes until I went to the city myself to see how the update destroyed the use of melee.

    Not so EPIC now as i had posted in my last comment :/

  7. UNBALANCE!!! Cant Loop, Log in and then die immediately by giant spider spitting attack. It spit almost half of the screen and I even dont notice she is around!

  8. ahhhhhhhh LOVE IT!!!! this is insane! i always had faith in you AdminPwn, you can fully expect me to drop more money on this game each month (for your beer fund!!!=) )

    ZombieNation2012 says Thanks!

  9. On a side note: because looting is very hard -next to to impossible- the price of common goods skyrocketted.

    Food and medication prices grow 1.5-2x and are still growing.
    Can't speak for all levels, but level 40 food & medication are on this expensive trend.

    These goods kept being bought and noone can loot to sell some more.

    One can assume that the same pattern happens for ammo as well.

    The coming days are going to hurt the wallet!

  10. Im melee based and im doin fine still lol had a run in with the giant fire spider. Did not kno he existed until i fought him

  11. This is EPIC!!! Got my coffee this morning, turn my pc, on logged in red zone, and BAM!!! I got ambush, limped my way back to FORT on Crit, thank God for Corpse Blaster, otherwise Ill be a gonner. For the first time in a while(since level 10) I actually felt this game was a survival game. Update does make Melee useless tho. OH well time to stock up on ammo its gonna get expensive. Thanks for update ADMIN you can count on my support for the following months.
    THANKS Zombie Ninja

  12. Oh no! Melee is shit now. Guess I'll have to stat reset to Mg, pistol, nade launcher build now. sighhhh.

  13. Wat bosses are lootable tho? Ive killed almost all of the bosses on the list but none are lootable. I havent ran into a titan since the update i assume hes lootable. The reaper i havent ran into, ive thought he will be a challenge is he lootable? And uh that spider that was bigger then the titan and on fire is he lootable? lol Wraith wud def be lootable. but ive killed everything else aside from those and i cudnt loot any of them.

  14. Oh yeah I forgot to mention one thing ADMIN, with all this targets now, would it be possible to bring back the Gau???

  15. Cant Help but say this, The game is now broken :(
    Looting has me shittin bricks, N i'm at lvl 44 with a katana, grinder n vss..116ag n 111 crit.

    Every area I enter, I just run into tons of all the zombies

    Aggro is a bit touchy, Even if i attack the enemies with a katana.

  16. The games not broken, its a survival horror. Its not meant to be easy to survive -.- Id say gj admin lol

  17. the.image said...

    The games not broken, its a survival horror. Its not meant to be easy to survive -.- Id say gj admin lol

    agreed...I love the challenge. you can't just go out and loot like mad and play bad@ss any more. honestly...I started to get bored with the game and I'm a gold member. I was thinking about ending my membership and stop playing. it was boring to me. I'm lvl 37 and I waltzed through the end zone like it was nothing. The most I worried about there was the behemoths and all I had to do with them was get them stuck and kill em. But now.....lmao.

    It used to be hard at times to get good aggro when I just wanted exp. But now....lmao.

    Look...I've played alot of games in my life including when the first home game system came out and that was the Atari. I've played Resident Evil on the hardest lvl and did pretty good. But DEAD FRONTIER, at first it was cool and ok...but now it's uber kick @ss. AdminPwn....GREAT WORK!! You made me want to make sure I keep my gold membership going!


  19. For me, the update gets 0/10 not even 4/10 now. I hate it. You ruined the game with this update. Even level 160s are having a hard time playing it! I mean something should be done!

    The armor breaks in 10 minutes, we die in 15. We can't complete OA and get exp. EVEN THE GAU CAN'T DO ANYTHING! Go try the game yourself Admin.

    And yes, don't put your "invincible mode" on. Go see how fucking impossible it is to even go in the city anymore!

  20. I have to agree with what has been said. The zombies should definitely have been nerfed before they where released it almost impossible to do anything at FP now I tried to help in the OA but a Wraith hit me with one of her bloody tentacles through the brick wall (or over all I saw was it twitch).
    The game needs to be nerfed ASAP otherwise its pretty much screwed.

  21. Yea, these new enemies are way too overpowered. I'm level 12 and at Dogg's Stockade, and before the update, Boss monsters were somewhat rare, and it was easy to loot. But these new monsters, DESTROY anyone before they can even leave Dogg's. Every time I go in-game I'll see about 4 or 5 people have died, and I most of the time die too thanks to the extremely fast enemies that catch me while attempting to run.

    My suggestion is significantly reduce the rate of boss monsters appearances. We're under an Outpost attack right now and I saw at least 3 reapers, 2 bones, about 5 biles, 2 sirens, and a few huge zombies, all on the same darn screen, which is far too much.

    Another complaint is that the Reaper takes me down from Healthy to Dead in one hit, even with my armor full as well. I'm a melee scavenger, so that is not fair to me whatsoever. The other enemies are fine, I can survive their attacks for the most part.

  22. Nero prices shot up to 5k in minutes of the update.

    People wont even by a katana with as good stats as 6/6/7 for 80k.

    I just saw a grinder sell for 50k.

    I don't wanna even THINK about the ammo costs in 1-2 hours.

    This is how fucked up the game became after the update. Get it?

  23. yes nerotonin-2 (health for level 40+) prices are now selling at 5000$ in the market and are becoming a rare stuff.
    They were selling 1150-1200$ this morning before the release.

    Morphine went from 650 to 1500$.

    I have an engineer + a doctor account, both at level 35.
    After being killed a couple times, I didn't get out FP anymore, but kept selling healing and repair services.
    Made a fortune today, but still cannot go out to gain exp: I am not that rich :)

    Food is also taking its share of increased prices.
    ie: red wine sells now at 1300$, started today at 800-850.

  24. Food isn't a problem. But surprisingly, as soon as the new zeds came out and I died VERY easily, I bought around 50-60 neros from the market, increasing their prices by 2k, some other people did the same and increased it to 5k. Now, I hope it goes as high as 10k so I can sell my neros for an EPIC profit. The update din't suck totally but yes, most of it did.

  25. YES YES YES!! I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY NEW SHITS! All these comments, it is morbid hell, this is crazy, insane.. It will be awesome! And this, this IS Real Surviving! Not just a picnic in park, hell. Prices going to sky's, nobody wants melee weapons, Outposts are true craziness.. Weapons need, of course more realistic firerate. If you shoot with USAS-12, it will empty mag in ten seconds, in real life. And if you shoot with minigun, it will shoot 300 rounds in approx. six seconds, not 60 seconds.

    Sorry for my awful English... :)

  26. Sorry not in ten seconds, just couple of seconds... :D

  27. You, my friend, haven't been ol long enough to see the real problem :/

  28. Gonna Loot? Nope.
    Gonna Grind? Nope.
    Gonna Sell Services? Nope.
    Gonna Rant About This Update Like a Noob? Yup.

    This here laddies is the prime example of what happens when you rush an update.
    What I think could have been done to avoid this situation would be having Admin make some sort of Testing Instance that Gold Members can go in and play with the new Zombies and give feedback to Adminpwn so he can effectively Nerf the zombies.

    Anyways! Enjoy Dieing!

  29. the real problem guys is that u want it to be easy this is a survival RPG not oh look theres a titan lets go kill that since its so easy now NO MORE COMPLAINING you guys wanted new zeds and so do I but im not complaining I just wanted to say thank you adminpwn for this its my birthday today and this makes this the best present I ever had. Oh and by they way the names Straydog leader of the P.M.C.

  30. "Please note that they are probably unbalanced"
    Admin admits it himself. Its not that I want the game to be extremely easy. Far from it! I enjoy a challenge for survival! But when the scales of balance are no longer as they should be ,which of course is balanced, then the challenge is not itself but an impostor!

    To be blunt I said, That admin himself admitted the game was probably unbalanced and would be fixed, and that I also do not want the game to overly be easy but it being so unbalanced that no player can do what is needed for survival then it obviously needs to be fixed.

  31. I cant play since the update...i get ablack screen after the login with a Unity symbol and a "ERROR message"....anyone can help?!?!pls

  32. i aggree with goober when i came hime from school i said o yes my pridiction was wrong but when i first startig reading this 30 coments i said o no bad stuff. then i read and said well it is more of a challege now i am at holy shit this is mad it is horror it is . arrhhr dead. aand d=this is what happens when you rush! now off to get poor

  33. inflation in the markets at fort pastor thanks to people capitalizing on the update :/ and the sirens get very annoying, not just the aggro they cause. THEY WONT SHUT UP! >:(

  34. This update was Made with Gau users in mind apparently because that's the only weapon that will allow you to survive past the 3 minute mark.

    Puke: puke from the zombies is near invisible most of the time, but the damage is decent considering my level 26 survived multiple hits from it.

    Tentacle rape zeds: DEAR GOD! do you like the tentacle rape jokes or something? they even sometimes kill you from half a screen away.

    Aggro: Can't even get out of outpost zone.

    Explosion zeds: Melee is Fu-ed

    leaper: I'm a bit confused for him no range, but 1 hits even 124 endurance survivors.

    I think it's fair to say that we can't really rate the update as is since no one except the select gau using few can play it for longer then a couple seconds.

  35. i think you guys are complaining for nothing adminpwn already tested them today at FP btw he killed me i was at the dark zone. i say hello to him.i was about to asking when the update coming.. he answered suprisingly fast with his uber gau. - After 1231231 times dying i suggest the sad players to wait zed nerfs and hang around FP not go too far before they lost all of their money if they dare >:)

  36. I just died because of the vomit glitch,remove the smaller vomit zombies their not needed. Sirens need to be fixed a bit, they sream too often and attract too much attention. Oh and one more LOWER THE GOD DAM DAMAGE ON THAT UNKNOWN BOSS. It kills everyone in one hit. My friend is level 117 and he died in one hit. You could have at least told us about that one.

  37. I havent gone in yet, and i barely want to :( scared, gonna take off my armor so i can avoid that cost, and i at p13... gonna try grinding with a sabre around the op... i is screwed

  38. Bought 1000 more credits to say thanks. :D

    Might make it a trend every update lol. @Everyone complaining - the game should be incredibly hard at Fort Pastor, if you can't handle it, go back to Nastya's. @Niel, even out the loot, make it better around Nastya's/Dogg's so the market doesn't crumble - I'd love to see players spread out around the city rather than everyone being at Fort Pastor, and with the new monsters, it is a possibility.

  39. @Tom

    We can't go back to other outposts for two reasons.

    One, Shitty loot.
    Two, We can't loot what we need at them.

    So think it through before you start insulting people.
    As I've said I agree the game does need to be a CHALLENGE but currently the game is IMPOSSIBLE.

  40. yeah well this is what i think. fort should be hard enough for level 20 below to not be able to be there i mean it makes sence that smalller levels shouldn't be at fort but level 20-25 to have a good amount of money in bank with no money prombelms and levels 25 + to be able to survive in fort for no promblems but now not even a level 100 can make it well through a oa. goober dooper i have a number 3 for you. we can't freaking even get out of fort! some people walk out and die on the first block so to even go back to nastyas you would need a lot of skills and luck if you level 20 or lower

  41. Yes.
    Three would be not being able to survive the walk back!

  42. I wanna try this now that I've heard of exploding zeds and shit like that especially the spider :)

    Could someone help me get a Gm? I've always wanted one

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. I agree with lots of these posts the zombies need to be nerfed and he need's to make more bosses have boss that would help espeically with all the zombies in the game now.And I think alot of you people are confusing the spider which is rather easy to kill with the wraith which is huge and let's face being the female archtype of the city she's going to be able to kill people in like one or two hits just like the a titan because they are equal in power.One last thing did anyone else notice there's no more bones around fort pastor wonder if it's a glitch well I'm done now.

  45. I think you can get it from the credit shop.
    Just look at the top of the game screen up there where it says wiki and forums it should be up there, or you could just click one of the many GM ads at the bottom of the Game screen.

    Also, I was trying to help out in the OA and some leaper just spawned right next to me and hit me. ONE HIT and I was dead, my Health and Armour where in Perfect condition.
    Two things need to be fixed before anything else should be added in Dead Frontier.
    One, Zombies need to be Nerfed. (As everybody has said)
    Two, The zombie SPAWNS need to be like 2D.
    Honestly zombies don't fucking rise out of the damn pavement or appear out of bloody nowhere.
    Yes, I know its a game but it worked fine in 2D why can't it work in 3D?

  46. level 50

    melee: battle axe
    chainsaw: grinder
    machine gun: M-60
    armor: two exterminator reactives

    I'm no noob, and I've never commented or complained about anything in this game. But this update has really hurt gameplay. I can't survive outside of the Fort zone. I wanted the game to be harder, because it was getting too easy, but now it's way too hard. There were more new zeds than the wiki bestiary even shows, and too many of them have overlapping powers. There is simply too much projectile vomiting and explosions during an oa to even survive. Also, I was getting killed by vomit that I couldn't even see (yes, I have a good graphics card). I know that admin will nerf some zombies and balance gameplay, but it seems that he has wholly replaced regular zeds with the new zeds. This is what makes the game unplayable (along with marketplace prices). My advice is simple, scale back the occurrence of new enemies.

    Before anyone claims that I'm just being a lazy twat that wants easy gameplay, realize that my roommate and I just beat Dead Space 2 this past weekend (on survivalist). I like hard games, but Dead Frontier has come to a level that only the most hardcore gamers can enjoy.

    Btw, what bosses are lootable? I haven't found one yet.

  47. Being able to select the outpost you spawn at would help, especially considering that it is well nigh impossible to survive any trip to another outpost as of this update.

  48. Dead Space 2 has some very gory deaths. It scares me.

  49. Luv it....Have you seen what the price of bandages are going for these days? LOL....I'm gonna make a profit...

  50. @bpkotin
    And Thus the Market prices grow...

  51. All you! Didn't read what AdminPwn wrote?

    "Please note that they are probably unbalanced and there may be some bugs. Of course I'll fix these problems up over the next few days."

    - The game is lagg for me, fix this. Sometimes frezes.

    - The liquid those zombies spit cross the walls, fix this too.

    - Please, do not let our characters die starving if we do not go out because of the new changes.

  52. Another rant:

    Died for, literally, about the fiftieth time today alone. Before today, I died only about five times in my few weeks of Dead Frontier since I stopped playing last year. Tried doing OA, was literally impossible. Saw about 7 "has died"'s in a row, saw far too many boss monsters chasing after not only me, but plenty of people.

    I hate to nag and rant, but it needs to be done to hopefully encourage Admin to fix this rushed problem.

    And to everyone above liking it, not everyone is above level 20 with high-powered guns. I'm a Scavenger who uses melee. I just got about 10 people to play this game, and I was talking about how great it is, but how am I going to explain to them that I quit until this problem is fixed?

    It's too late to switch specializations at this point too. I haven't the money for a stat reset. Can't scavenge to get money.


  54. Lmao dude I AM happy. Neil Yates has given me something I've wanted most out of gaming. A 3D, multiplayer, player-driven economy, survival post-apocolyptic zombie game. I couldn't be happier with this game, but, the zombies are too hard and I'm emphasizing solely for the fact I hope he see's all the constructive critiscism and fixes the problem.

  55. .... am i the only one who likes how it is? lol. And because i find a tonne of nerot while lootin im makin a fair bit of money from them. Theyre worth 8k now, i sold for 5 to and they sold instantly. I was kinda surprised to be honest lol. But your all over exaggerating, its not that hard. You are able to dodge attacks you all realize this yes? You dont have to take every hit they throw at u in the face. Jus find how they attack and learn to avoid dieing. Btw admin, the vomit zombies are buggy lol, so if anyone fights them, id suggest hitting from the side or behind... avoid getting in front of them.

    You were all complainin about how easy the game was. Now its been taken up a notch ur all complainin that its too much? I dont rly see a difference in it to be honest. And im still melee based.

  56. omg, this so epic man.i die fast but its awsome! but the n2 prices when higher

  57. I have to say, i think admin was fu**king with the high lvls that go around with grinders almost unstoppably. The zombies are good, but too strong to be so close to the fort. Admin has to be messing with us.

  58. I loved this game but with the new zombies this is absolutely ridiculous. I am a high level and I can't even get like 3 or 4 blocks away from FP. You can't even get out the front gate without being overwhelmed right off the jump. Level 100 weapons are useless. Everything is useless so far.

  59. Neil, I am not happy. NOT HAPPY at all. Fire zombies are attacking the shit out of low levelled players and killing them, the prices are soaring through the market and frankly, we're all dying here. You need to fix it now. A game is supposed to be fucking fun and something to not stress over, but everyone in chat is stressing and everyone in the game are dying, this is stupid UNFAIR and I had enough. I am not going to play if these keeps up!!!! Please at least make Nastaya a haven for new comers because it's just going to scare/kill off all the new low-levelled players. Thank you.

  60. You know what could have prevented this? Having GMs test the New Zombies before release.

  61. Goober = Right. Yea. Pretty upset right now. Wasted about an hour of my life dodging zombies walking from DS to NH, ened up dying RIGHT in front of NH's entrance thanks to about 10 flaming zombies running around inside of the barricaded spot. Hour of my life? Down the drain. And you can't outrun the flaming zombies, at least at my level. Or dodge them for that matter when they aren't knocked back, and you're on critical.

  62. feel sooooooooo good all is out
    all are good but wraith is tooooo tuff to kill all are easy awesome job admin no complaints thanx alot

  63. tbh... this update is awsomesauce. just needs a few... adjustments.

    1.reduce the ammount of outpost attacks in 1 day.
    2.fix spitting zombies and crawlers....
    3.maybe lower the hp of frie zombies? i went into the noob zone today and had 6 fire zombies spawn on me... couldent even kill 1. i had to run for my life.
    4.increase the lootable objects a tiny bit so we can keep up with the market...
    5.lower the overall aggro in places with outposts. i meen cmon, first time i leeve the fort i die in 5 mins? im level 32 and i dident even make it down the first road past the outpost building...
    6. last but not least.... make crawlers not so freeking huge when their a boss? i meen ffs dude it takes up half the road moving super fast with a hitting range of a yard....

  64. also maybe make sirens a rare monster... theyr unbeleivable... calling dozens of zeds on your ass.

  65. I'm level 64 , and dude its really difficult to survive , melee is useless i have a katana and i cant used anymore :S , my machine gun its not really good , the only weapon i can use and trust is my Alpha bull, but still not enough to survive more than 5 block far from the post.

    i hope you can fix this really soon , i really love this game nice work

  66. death row game is not fun but it is your game to do with what you want the way i am going to deal with this shit up date is not pay for it any more and play it for free i had three gold membership

  67. Damn my bank took a huge hit today. $10k for Neros? I do ok till some else decides to kill a blimpy guy right next to me and boom damage all the way around take this guys and little puckers out please, cant even see their pucke till it hits me plus they gang up on u a pucke away. till I die. I have 124 agility am moving like malasses compare some of this guys. Other than loosing a lot of money, I had fun today I must admit that.

  68. Gaaaah. What the hell >:(.
    I saw this update and was like "Hell yea! Lets do this!"
    Got in, stepped out of the outpost, and died. There were so many zombies I thought I just missed an OA by like ten seconds, but there was like one other player and they just kept coming. I was doing fine until (I don't know the name, the boss zombie with one giant sword looking arm) hit me, it broke my armor just repaired and put my health at serious. And then when I was running away, one of the flaming zombies ran up and hit me even though I was sprinting away, killing me... I was going to try and go out again, but I decided I don't want to spend all my hard earned money on repairing armor over and over. I understand Admin plans on fixing it, but this is unacceptable. Releasing an update that was probably barely tested at all and he knew wasn't ready just to make up for how slow he updates is not right. Normally I support admin 100% but as a game developer, this is just poor. Anything like this again and I'm getting rid of my gold subscription.

  69. epic! AMAZING! F**KING INTENSE!!!!!!!!!! i lovelovelove it!!
    cant make it even as far as the guards at fp and its like a constant oa...but fabulous!!
    thank you! lol

  70. This update is awesome Admin! Thanks for all the hard work, and please don't nerf the zombies! (Though fixing up the bug with zombies teleporting through fences and invisible vomit would be nice, but take your time!)

  71. Nerotonin price is now +9000$, and Morphine is +2400$. It is weird. I killed one big explosing zombie, game jammed and I have killed.. It is still exciting.. :)

  72. I think the update was great, new monsters to kill and it's more of a challenge now ,even at lvl 25 I manage to survive for a long time outside the stockade, on another note I didn't like the fact that the reaper and the vomit zombie can hit me through wall's.(and wtf is up wth the prices skyrocketing???? i'm assuming everyone is dying lol)

  73. We need rocket launchers to battle mothers, lol.

  74. Honestly, it's a little too hard now. Sure it
    was a little easy to loot, but now it's a pain.
    I think the best way to fix this is by:

    Lower the aggro.
    Cut down the ratio of specialized zombies. By themselves, they are fine. However when you face ten of these things in a group it becomes
    incredibly hard to face the mob unless you have
    a super weapon like a GAU. I've wasted a ton
    of ammo on these things just to hold them back.

  75. Ok, I'm getting a hang of it :). Don't nerf the zombies! Increase the exp.

  76. all new bosses has being add.It was great but now using melee weapon is not good anymore gotta save ammo P/S can you make the zombie that sometimes drop items when we kill it.

  77. THIS IS AWESOME! all of these ppl crying about needing to change and take out this and that are insane. I'm 100 melee/90 MG's, you would think I'd be pissed but I love the new challenge. I was at lvl 28 in the black zones looting before. Its was ruining the game letting anyone who cared to go that far loot there.

    I think admin made the loots more frequent too now since you nubs are destroying the economy by not learning how to survive on your own loot. FUCK BALANCE CHANGES, maybe a tweak here or there but I much rather have admin adding in more shit now and let the nubs BALANCE THEIR SKILLZ to the new own that is afoot.

    LOL@$2500 morphine.Learn how to avoid Bitches and only kill WHEN NEEDED (e.g. you have no stam and that spider is mad at you) when you loot. I go out on loot runs with serious damaged and usually won't die till i get around the black area.

    If anything these changes FIXED the balance in the game. Looting is super fun now and 1000 times more rewarding.

  78. I am changing my words. I have spent over 40 000$ to medics and armor repairs. I must go back to Doggs, because this is too much.

  79. It sucks, cuz i made my way to fort pastor... And i cant get bak .
    The updates awesome... But i cant "not cause aggro".... The sirens make that impossible , so tonight; i fight my way out.... May the pwn be with me....

  80. Guys it is difficult but it is exciting. It may help to put it into single player mode. I did this and looted quite nicely for a while. This game is fun again.

  81. Neil, make the transition time easier for us: let everyone who dies or goes into an outpost live again and automatically fix his armour. For a week... or two... So will be awesome to play with the new changes. And prices will go down!

  82. Conclusion : The game is now destroyed.

  83. Before the update, the game was far too easy. Since about lv 20 I've been able to loot DR. So I do like the update, and the potential it offers.

    I also know AdminPwn has said he'll fix some of the balancing issues, but to do that you need to know where the balance lies, and this is my OPINION of the current problems.

    Well, sirens are broken. You get a free aggro spike whenever one sees you, and these aggro spikes are varied (nice) but too strong. So you run or die.

    I don't know about P13, but Stockade and FP are now virtually impossible (at a mid-level for the area) to escape even when there's no OA. I've had THREE bosses, all on screen, within the walls of FP. Limit it to just 1 at a time when its not OA at the very least. No-one can kill them like that.

    And make the new zombies less common. When there's 3 spiders chasing you 2 zones from fort, and with 85 agility and sprinting they still catch up and hit you, the game stops being fun.

  84. I managed to survive for about 30mins before i got ambushed by a wall of puke... I could go outside again, but with the current nero prices.... pfft...

    Also, melee is not as ruined as everyone thinks. Only the brutes pose a real threat to melee users, the rest are just a matter of speed and reflexes, nothing else. You just have to learn a new tactic.

    Although I do think the sirens need to be reduced in numbers. They make looting practically impossible now :\

  85. Morphine is at 4800... so much for healing myself now.

  86. "Waaaaagh the apocalypse is too hard, i'm taking my melee weapon and I'm going home, I don't wanna play anymore"

    Good update :) *thumbs up*

  87. I've been playing single player, and its not *that* much harder. But does having to play a multiplayer game single player excuse balance issues?

    Sirens really do make looting too hard, and spiders either scuttle too fast, hit too early, or do too much damage. If they can catch up when you're running away, make it so you can dodge them a bit more easily. If they're hard to dodge, make it so they can't 2-shot you, or leave you vulnerable to the nearest, well.. anything.

    And I'm not sure if this is a bug, but the green zombies do an attack that is impossible to see. Either way, damage you can't see to dodge needs fixing.

  88. don't nerf zombies, just make the loot rate better. this isnt a zombie playground for kids, this is DEAD FRONTIER. it should be hard when you're in the end zone. also, i couldn't loot a flaming wraith, after 300 raging bull shots to take her down. if she's not a boss i don't want to know what is!

  89. Its not a playground, but it is a game. If you can only go 15 mins before dying each time it isn't fun. And going back to the other zones, for a lv 40 character, isn't a good solution.

    There's a difference between having to be sneaky and careful, and being killed every time a siren or spider takes its fancy on you.

  90. "don't nerf zombies, just make the loot rate better. this isnt a zombie playground for kids, this is DEAD FRONTIER. it should be hard when you're in the end zone."

    I agree, the problem is looting, thes chars cant sutein themselfs in the new economy, i need take 10 morphines to take 2 neros.

    decreasing loot levels and relulating the vomitous/range that will be great survival game.

  91. I like the update; however, I think the level of loots should be changed. It is difficult to obtain level 21-40 loots now. Endzone is good though. The difficulty is crazily hard and only the best survivors deserve to go there.

  92. hey admin, could you fix the bug for entering the precint 13? cause everytime i go in, i keep getting attacked by 2 or 3 bosses and a load of zombies! please fix it...... if it is a bugs....... thanks for your time

  93. So I played in Single Player today it wasn't to bad but I had some Looting lag which slowed me down. And having to run away every time I see a siren was annoying extremely annoying when she was by a lootable object. The only complication I had was entering Zones East and West of FP since, Once I entered them I had instant aggro, as if a Siren just wailed or I shot 30 or so Shotty shells.

    I know the game ISN'T supposed to be a walk in the park but the game is supposed to be fun and for ALL people, not just the people who have the best gear and have their points in the best stuff. I agree The End Zone should only be for the best of Players I'm content with my lot at Fort Pastor and the loot I can find but I want to also have fun with the game and right now if I got on Multiplayer I'd be dead in Minutes and thats not how a game should be. Constant death is not fun. If you are lucky enough to survive and make a profit on this turmoil I envy you (but it is a good envy) and at the same time I congratulate you since it is a hard task that many can not accomplish.

  94. well after reading 50 comments i can finally say what i think. zombies need to be nerfed what ever that means but i think it means to be fixed or made better. also the ammount if of new zombies neeed to go down. and i aggree with some people these are new zombies people just need to know how to combat them. and the meds prices i can say that scientist and doctors are going get rich in the next few days. especaily scientist. and this is what happened to the other outosts around the world. the one in eurape and asia or what ever ( you can read about dead frontier history in wiki) happened to them. mutations/ less loot/ more people dying/ and i think admin is the boss but boss of zombies sometime i wonder if admin is with humans or one of the last zombie evelution makers out there. and the spider there is a boss spider? wtf and ftw i thought the spider was soppose to be a boss but got change to a normal zombie. i havn't fought a spider boss but i think that after it dies more zombies come out of it like more spider zombies.
    o yeah last thing this is the post that is getting huge amount of comments each day more then any other i mean 2 days and bout 100 comments dang

  95. I'm lolling as the Ampulators sell for 4 Million now xD.

  96. Well, i expected melee weapon price to freefall, but they are too difficult to loot, so i guess, it wont

  97. damn!!!!!!! the big spider it's more difficult , i can kill titans but spider i can't have a chance and Im level 64 :S

  98. @Mak, the most expensive melee weapon's price was halfed. How much more do you want ____ (Insert the n word here)

  99. OMG Everyone quit fucking bitching! Everyone bitched and complained @ Admin, well there you go! He rushed it, and now everyone (mostly) is fucking whining! I'm level 55 (56) and do just fine on my own, I have a USAN-12 (4/8/8) and a GC'd xt800 and the only time I got hit was when I was fucking around with a Spider with my pen knife XD. The point is, you bitch, and this is what happens, maybe if you played the game while you were waiting for the updates, you wouldn't suck so much? Oh and Loot is broken, if you're skilled enough, you can still loot. My friend looted an AB, and an Ext. Mesh in one trip, because she's good at looting! She played while waiting for updates, and it paid off. However, I thank you Admin, in fact I don't think it's hard enough, I haven't faced the Mother yet, but still... Oh and my STEEL is fucking amazing still, just don't be stupid and use it against things that blow up (Bloat) Admin did that for a reason so it's harder for pure melee users, making them think twice before leaving a gun at home. Also... If you're going to bitch about the prices of meds... Make a scientist? I have one, and at P-13, I was able to sell 11 Nero's for 8k a piece. Fucking make alts to help you! Oh and I ONLY do SP, unless me and my buddy go out, then it's just us (Because n00bs be dying!)

  100. Thank you for two things:
    Letting us know an ETA
    And meeting that ETA

    Please do this more in the future, I like it.

  101. okay alex you said your buddy was a good looter but is she gm? the best loot i ever got was a sabre and kukri after more then 6 months and all i ever did was loot high level places. zombies don't come from out of the screen because now everyone is everywhere so if it came out your screen it would come in someone else's. and alex i agree that melee is still usable but not on brutes or other exploting stuff. and the gloat and yellow zombies are easy to kill just go behind them while they barfing and bam they dead. right now i am writing something and then when i ost something there are like 3 other post since i came into the blog

  102. @Alex - Correction.

    The zombie that blows up is Brute -___-

  103. anyone posting after about 1-2 pm at least, obviousely didn't play yesterday. today has been a cakewalk compared to yesterday, where everywhere was max aggro it seemed. it seems he fixed some stuff already, but idk. seems like it. i went "grinding" and ran in big circles with a dragon, and had no problems exept with the spider things. the huge spider things are still hard, but they 2-3 shot me, and i use... red reactive XT800 (before i master crafted it after i died from the huge spider). My biggest concern right now is that the wiki is still in the 2d generation it seems.

  104. @Alex

    Is admin a little kid and get panics when people tell him to move faster?
    No he isn't. He should have taken his time and had GMs test the Zombies before he released them. Anybody that complained about admin taking his time isn't responsible for admin rushing or releasing unbalanced shit! Admin is responsible for what admin does not the whining turds. Get it straight mate.

    Also. YOU HAVE THE BEST SHIT IN TOWN! NOT EVERYBODY HAS THAT! The game should be made so that EVERY person can play it! Can I play the game? Yes, to an extent. I have to work around a buggy looting and a buggy aggro system and Overpowered bosses but the game isn't fun for everybody anymore.

  105. Anyone had an incident with Wraiths repeatedly spawning near you after changing areas (Fort Pastor)? I hope this isn't some new game mechanic for bosses having the ability to chase you down to the ends of the earth lol.

    Been trying to get this persistent bitch off my ass for twenty minutes now, no luck.

  106. new zeds are tough, but heres my opinion:
    - Puking ones: heard they shoot through walls... problem
    - Sirens, make them EXTREMELY rare and put a delay on their scream, make sure they are effected by knockback, i suggest a 3 second delay before the scream gets out, kill them b4 then, ur golden
    - Leapers are fine, the attack is lvled out with their slow speed, so dont listen 2 anyone complaining about that
    - Spiders should go a bit slower, slightly less common, and nerf the dmg.
    - wraiths should get their range lessened slightly, and put a 1.5-2 second delay on attack. also, make sure they hav slightly lower health, they similar 2 tendrils and titan like bones
    - make bones and tendrils slightly more common

    after updating the game with these, u need to bring in missions and building entrances

    after that update, add real specs of weapons, replace "Slow firing speed" with "Rate of Fire: 4" and "Damage: 30" that type of idea, but only u hav the exact stats so u need to work out how to set that up

    Next, make a menu like in 2d where u can select "Single Player
    Private rooms" private rooms are important so clans can go on group missions and looting among other advantages

    after that, add the browser caching that u mentioned

    Finally, give me an internship :) lol

    just my suggestion to u, and after all of that, if not sooner, sit back and enjoy ur creation, u need a break!

  107. Spencer is right on the money.

  108. spencer everyone is making ideas for updates and we all forgot that admin doesn't read these posts although he might we are not certain. also let admin do what he wants the reason things are messed up are becuase he probably just extimated what the enemies should be like. but if you want to put your opinion that is fine with me just know that he might or might not do everything everyone thinks. last yeah the aggro prombelm seems better since yesterday slightly. then after words someone have a aplha bull they can give me for free? lol

  109. so far so good, 124 agility REALLY helps now. the brutes are kind of tolerable (their explosion range is kinda large, and their loud footsteps are just like the titans which confuse me X( ) the bloat: tolerable. Spider: tolerable because of my 124 agil but could be weaker to balance the speed. Reaper: yet to see. Leaper: balanced. Siren: aggro is a pain with how often she screams -___-. the Wraith i didn't see, but i hope to so i can see if shes as bad as people say. also, people are talking about zombies on fire????? can someone enlighten me exactly what they are?

  110. Nice new zeds, although won't be on for a month. Got to test them out.


  111. @ Dylan

    Think uber charged from TF2 when you think flaming zombies.

    They run faster, have more health, and hit harder. They're also the ones that drop loot If I'm right.

  112. Im a level 57, and i really like the new monsters and everything about the new update except for 2 things: the leaper one hits me EVERY time when im at full health, 124 endurance, and ex. reactive armor. NERF THE LEAPERS, SERIOUSLY!!!! And those monsters that puke on you andare golden colored, and have the same health as a normal zombies need to go- we already have the special vomit woman.
    P.S you did a good job admin, the game really has a survival aspect to it now.

  113. This is the flaming zombie.

    My player is so weak that I let her go XD

  114. Oh and by the way everybody-----------

  115. omg this is Bob Jr

    the update has changed the appearance to dead frontier, it has made it a lot more creepy, i was wondering down a street th-


    don't worry i survived :D

    admin 10/10 for dead frontier best zombie mmo of 6 others. And im happy to see you work well with 1 person, i think it is lol

    -traveler (in game name)

  116. nerotorin-2 10.000 $ ???
    are you fucking crazy?
    the game is unplayeable right now

  117. Brutes when exploding also should cause damage to zed adjacent to explosion. just a thought.

  118. Stop fucking complaining guys! Neil deserves praise from all you assholes. This game is in fucking beta, you can't expect EVERY thing to be perfect. And Admin, thumbs up. The new update is great. Keep up the good work, and ignore the douchbags. :D

  119. god damn it, too overpowered. I was greeted by two wraiths, a bloat and so many vomit women and spiders, what is your problem, i hope you will make them weaker

  120. Ok, for all you complaining asshole douchbags...

    The game is in BETA state, enrich your life with abit of knowledge before complaining.

    Read more on software release life cycles ->

    I dont share the same perspective as the majority of the complaining people have.

    I have successfully been looting DR numerous times now.

    That, without being hit a single time, traveling to and from FP included.

    I dont know what tactics you complaining people use.

    But with high probability, in the case with playing rambo together with a big loud machine gun or a equivalent weapon.

    Accept that it isent the best choice in all situations.

    Tactic which works for me is:

    - Think before acting.
    - Being as silent as possible.
    - Only kill whats between you and the loot.
    - Always have a planed escape route to safety and energy enugh to reach it.

    So, to the hypothesis.

    All those points relevant to the tactic in question, are based on the first one, "think before acting".

    That takes us back to the first row in this comment.

    The fact that asshole douchbags dont posses that characteristic, which in return explains the complaining.

    So Admin shouldent be worried...

    Good work Admin, great update, minimal adjustment needed.

  121. WOW wtf admin h8s me :(

    a flaming zombie that is unkillable WTF i was like OMG WTF BBQ!1!ONE1!! >:0

    all shenanigans apart how is there a flaming zombie? bug?

  122. great work! the greatest update! I am still think the plan how to go to loop in deeper zone since those giant boss run fxxking faster than me and it always appear more than one. I am able to go at least 5 zone starting from Fort. Got to spend a few ten thousand to recover.
    We should all pay some real money for keeping us survive! Lets pay for the gold membership!

  123. mac user unity is nice to mac

  124. From what I'm reading, SOMEONE, AKA Admin forgot about one of the primary rules of Game Design!


    Releasing something to the public completely unbalanced, or at the very least that's going to COMPLETELY change the way people have to play your game, especially when it's been out for so long, is going to cause problems. A broken economy because of a patch? Someone just killed their game.

    An MMO is a very, very complex thing (in case we haven't argued this before), but the first thing behind it is the game-play. When you change it completely, people, the people who are paying the bills are going to disappear. Gameplay needs to change slowly, while still allowing new players to get the hang of the game and ENTER into gameplay. If only existing players aren't having trouble with the game, there's a problem.

    I'm not going to pay for a game that's just set a precedent to screw over its playerbase with a hackneyed patch whenever people complain. I'd much rather go with something that's incorporated, with a group of people behind the coding, production, planning, and testing, rather than a single guy working on everything. The best thing that can be done at this moment would be to turn around and remove the patch, rollback.

    At this point, there needs to be damage control.

  125. IT IS... AWESUMmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. i feel like killing someone....


  127. heres an easy way to get out of the fort if your in mult as soon as you hit start, press esc, try to survive for 10 secs by mainly by huging the corner then switch to single player. go back then re enter inner city. and now its just a matter of making it to another outpost

  128. Prices are stabilizing. Morphine is under 1000$
    Game is going back to normal. Are you increased looting possibilities, because I am finding much much more items, if dont die..?

  129. it took me like 4000 7.5 bullets to kill the wraith, and sadly it dropped nothing.

  130. LOL! this means less people going rambo on End Zone! finally!

    End Zone was supposed to be really hard but before this update it was a walk in the park (unless some retard runs spraying and praying past you with a horde on its tail).
    finally it has become challenging! good job!

    the only change i like to see is that you keep the damage but increase slighty the exp. and reduce the splash damage on the fat ones when they explode(if they damage the rest of the zed mob it is fair; i haven't seen any other zed take damage from it thats why i'm kinda implying this.) or better make him like a L4D boomer. instead of a huge explosion damage at the end make it boost the aggro to the max.

    and by the way. melee = endless ammo = infinite win + skill. i'm going commando all the time and don't find it impossible to loot in end zone.

    you just need to learn how to knife the enemies and not to bite more than you can chew!
    happy hunting everyone!

  131. still think my summary sums up wat should happen, and if i hear 1 mor time about sum1 sayin that they r pissed that a leaper 1 hit killed their character, im gonna 1 hit kill THEM! u shouldnt hav gotten hit by the SLOWEST zed in the game!

    and i take pride in sayin that my post was a suggestion, not a "GET THIS DONE OR I WIL STALK YOU, KILL YOU, RAPE YOUR FAMILY, AND BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!" I want neil to read my comment, say "hmm, not bad ideas...", and tell everyone "SHUT UP! IM GONNA TAKE UR COMMENTS, DO WAT IS FAIR WITH THEM AND BALANCE THEM OUT THE WAY *I* SEE FIT!"

    Also admin, hav fun with it, ur game, u should get 2 hav the most enjoyment out of it, please, read my previous post (109) and take into consideration sum of the topics and solutions set forth.

  132. well i thought the reaper/ bloat/ brute/ spider/ twin girl/ leaper/ yellow zombies/ wraith/ boss spider/ where all the bosses and new zombies this game was going to have but wait a secound ftw threre is a burning zombies wtf i didn't expect this and gooberdooper the wiki is getting some updates on some of these zombies :)

    11 March 2011 14:18

  133. THX admin keep up the damn good work! :)

    I still haven't seen 1 boss :(

  134. Hope you get the cache thing comming soon because dial up is a major pain with this game XD
    Also it would be nice to get a new chat room and possibly with mods that don't ban for retarded reasons :)

  135. hey is just saw a boss the one with hands coming out of it's stomach and has like a broken shirt. the last boss zombie in the blog a while back where there where lots of zombies it was called " latest enemy concepts the boss zombie that has giant hands/ a mouth in her stomach and hands coming out her stomach it was my first time seeing it. it barfed out of the mouth i was like wtf is that bigfoot? seriously it looked like king kong from grand theft auto sandandreas mods. anyway some people call it the zombie with a baby in it's stomach if any one else seen this rare zombie please tell me more about it

  136. @luis.401 It's called Mother, and yes, I've personally witnessed the monstrosity. Not much to tell, as no information has been released about her in the Wiki.

  137. @ luis,401 i too saw that one,well actually i saw two of them but i just ran away

  138. redmen_nightmare i freaking told people in chat that i saw the mother and they thought i was talking about the brute or the wraith wierd though. javier lol funny story and a while ago i saw 3 titans at once was my first time ever one died tried to loot it but died. so for my secound topic boss loot. what bosses are lootable and how good the loot is and last if you loot something every single time.
    man i swear these boss zombies come out of no where i had like o% agro and it just appeared randomly

  139. @luis: playing single player gives you random aggro spikes even when you have 0 aggro. its programmed into the game. u can also find it on the DF wiki :] oh and the flame zeds/bosses usually drop a weapon, i found 3 mastercrafted weapons from 3 flaming zeds. i assume flaming mini-bosses(bones,etc.) drop higher level weapons.

  140. Okay... read about 3/4 the posts thus far and just wanted to get my two cents in here before bed. I jumped on tonight after work and decided to check this blog before getting into the Inner City. Saw the update was up on the front page then saw that it already had a shit loada comments. Knew that most of 'em had to be bad or good reviews and all I'm mainly seein' is a bunch of bitching.
    Shrugged it off because most people aren't even satisfied with how they even jack themselves off and just jumped into City. First block from DS wasn't that bad. Saw one Reaper and avoided it like a plague since I'm melee only currently. Went around and found my first Seaweed Bitch, melee'd his tubby ass down and the obvious happened. He exploded in my face. Armor took a hit but health stayed fine. Right then and there I was happy with the update.
    I, for one, thank you for the update AdminPwn. Yes the spawn rate of the new zeds is a bit crazy high but now everyone has to take their heads out of their asses and actually think about how they are going to approach the fight.
    For Christ sake people, you're in a zombie infested city brought about by a man made virus that fucked with humanity as a whole. Death is supposed to be lurking around every corner and most the time you SHOULD expect something to come out of nowhere with the intent of ass raping and skull fucking you.
    Most of you guys are probably extremely skilled players but just got lazied up by how 3D was. Dust off the skills you got and go out there and show those zeds what the some man power and a shit loada ammo can do. Form teams, use Vent(or something) and raid the city like a bunch of badasses for once instead of just cruising along like you're at a grocery store.

  141. Hey admin, thanks for the update. I want to speak as a level 36 pure melee user. Max agility, endurance, crit and melee etc. I also use a sniper rifle on the side. Anyways, from my experience after 20 minutes of walking around...

    * The amount of lootable bodies is kind of low.

    * I thought the licker guys were too easy for me and my sabre (saving up for a katana) I don't remember even seeing any of them use an attack animation.

    * The exploding guy caught me off guard but luckily I have good armor. I think the only purpose he would serve in a full version is forcing people like me to get a gun. Thats not really all that fair. Delay his explosion maybe.

    * The minute I logged in i was surrounded by 2 wraiths, it was pretty bad since I don't usually rely on my sniper rifle. I got scared and ran.

    * The bloats are perfect. It's cool how they have a quick up close attack for clumbsy melee users.

    *The hit boxes or timing is weird for puking zombies.

    * Remove puking normal zombies, this was just a bad idea.

    * There was some big flaming zombie guy who popped out and killed me with one swipe. I have no idea what he is lmao

    * Change a lot of the sound effects, they seem like repeats.

    * The spiders were good, chunky blocky animation that seemed a bit BETAish. With my max agility I was faring just fine against them. Cant imagine what the poor noobies are going through though.

    * Didn't see one bone in the entire time I played.

    I hope you can do something with this information admin.

    PS fix the attacking through wall stuff, very unprofessional of you owo

  142. wow Wolfykins...u just said exactly what i think of the updates and ppl complaining.
    as for me i think the update is awesome!!!

    thanks Admin!!!

  143. im scared of DF now :( last night a flaming Spider boss came out and 3 hit me. even at 124 agility i couldnt outrun him. and this new Mother on the wiki is just..... holy crap.

    Df name: Dillionez

  144. Everyone, information about Mother is out on the Wiki, just a heads up.

  145. There is one thing i love: i;m actually scared to go out and not sure if ill live, something i haven't felt since 2D!

  146. I saw a giant flaming 4 armed puking zombie run at me on my newly made looting account lvl 5

    and epicsoldier + super pwn

    add me :) Now i love update keep up the epic work AdminPwn

  147. i love this update and i am very pleased when i get paid in a few weeks. so do you:)

  148. i think threre a a flaming zombie for all the boos and mini bosses i mean some comments back this guy said he has a picture of a flaming zombie and his looks like a wraith so i think the flaming version is just a more powerful version i guess

  149. in my opinion this update is a double edged sword.On one hand the new special infected (not counting some big bosses)really only enrich the new

    reapers,tendrils,bones,leapers,bloats, and the green zeds are perfect,no editing needed.

    However the brutes that explode need some delay, maybe 3 seconds. same with sirens, but they should also have less health and make longer lasting aggro.

    among the big bosses i've noticed titans are way less frequent and i personally miss them. Wraiths are fine, except for a bug where they fly over walls. Mothers seem to be fine except for the explosions they make afterwards which should have a delay.

    Finally i come to the one main problem i have with the updates..THE SPIDER BOSS!! oh my god i can't even begin to explain my frustration with this boss. It would be fine if it didn't do so much damage or be faster than pretty much everything. They also come up so often that if you kill one (somehow) theres just another one to pop out and eat you're face. I'm not one to complain admin but this boss is the most brutal and annoying thing i've ever seen. it puts every other boss to shame on the "this is bullshit" scale. the other small nerfs needed for bosses are just a minor inconvenience, but this boss ruins alot of the game for people. So please make it slower and reduce the damage just a little bit..because me and alot of other people just plain hate that boss.

    other than that i love this update and all things considered you are still doing a fantastic job with DF just fix the few bugs on the game and you would bring the game to heights that you probably wouldn't believe.

    once again MY OPINION and i know the game is in beta so im not gonna judge too harshly. you can still expect me to be a loyal paying player.

  150. sunny38walker i will expect for goober dooper to make a commet about your las post in the next post on this blog lol it is true though right goober?

  151. @jim_savard- Thank you. I really am getting sick of people hiding in their pussies and complaining when it comes to having to use teamwork to accomplish something. If this game is to even remotely compete with the bigwigs(Like WoW or CoH/V or any other) there has to be a push on team play in endgame content. Most people are too caught up in being the fucking Mad Maxx or some shit to think they don't need to work with others to accomplish something. Pwn made it so any person can loot the bodies about even if someone else looted it before they did. It isn't like they'd lose loot actually working together for once.
    @sunny38walker - I sorta agree with some of your comment. I don't mind the Splodies not having a delay. Like I said, people need to pull their heads out their ass and figure how they will approach the situation. Personally, I haven't encountered the spiders or even the spider boss(probably due to level and "zone") but most likely everyone is right on that one. The overall concern on that boss is it's fucking insane speed it seems. Then again, With each boss covering pretty much an insane extreme for each stat(damage, speed, health, etc.) I guess the Spider Boss is supposed to be the "your fucked if you want to run from this one" fight. You are stuck with the situation. If you have the gonads to pop it you better have some fire power and "skillz" to take it down beforehand.

  152. the huge spider boss is manageable if ur going one on one..i had to deal with bile fatties n smaller spiders while i was it and i ws at serious health..kinda got screwed after a minute..
    maxed out agility helps a lot..

  153. I kind of might've jumped the gun when I said the game was broken. Just needed to adapt my strategies a i'm back to looting in the red zone like a pro :P
    N-2s are proving to b a major payday :D

  154. @Darryl - Good to hear that SOMEONE got with the program at least. Sorry to hear about the screw over in your post previous to proving that adaptation is necessary for this update. Hopefully it doesn't happen again to ya anytime soon. :D

  155. I was just killed by a reaper... through a car. I guess it would be possible for it to reach over the car and chop my head off, but is that really supposed to be possible?

    Otherwise I really like the game now. after some adjustments it all turned out fine and it's now possible to make a profit again. It's not quite as easy as before, but if you don't raise too much aggro, looting is possible again.

    The game just had some PUR for a few days(Post Update Rage). Too bad that the market hasn't recovered yet.

  156. Are there confirmed boss loots for the Burning zombie?

    btw people expect a burning Titan too i saw one!

  157. Reapers range needs lessened a little, its arm is about 3/4 its height, so its range should 2, still havnt seen 1 yet, but I'm strictly melee only so don't really want 2

  158. drago433 i think the burning zombies are just a bigger badder version of the normal or the loot is better but i thought that there is a burning zombie for every single type of zombie

  159. anyone else think that all guns should get a minor or moderate dmg boost? considering that enemies now have over 1000 health? now even newbies cant survive in the green and yellow zones(cuz of multiple flaming zeds spawning). all im saying is that melee is fine the way they are but guns should have more effect/dmg than a crowbar or a baseball bat or even a katana should ever dish out on a zombie. anyone else agree? :D

  160. Sorry for double posting but here is what I meant. Rifles, considering the ammo costs, should definitely have a moderate dmg boost and if not, a minor one with the ability to pierce through regular zeds. Shotguns are pretty decent the way they are but keep in mind the major aggro they cause.. these are also in need of a minor/moderate dmg boost. The first shotgun(excluding the starter non-tradeable Mancini M1) should definitely be able to take out a regular zed in one or two good shots in close-quarters, I believe this is an agreeable argument considering the low rate of fire and low clip size. Another one is the grenades, they don't have the kind of bone shattering firepower portrayed in movies. These are in need of a minor dmg boost. Pistols are very good the way they are but people can also argue their damage. We aren't in 2d anymore and zeds dont have 50 - 2500 health(2500 being the behemoth). We have much stronger monsters with high amounts of HP. I really think a much needed adjustment of the guns themselves are required. The melee should remain the same because in actuality, guns should definitely have more bang for your buck than any Crowbar or Katana could ever dish out but of course should be according to the level of proficiency of the weapon stat. Thanks for your time if you read this adminpwn! This is an amazing game and it has a great amount of potential! I love this and support it very well and I know after this beta, we'll have at least 10,000 or even more playing this game! :D

  161. Booooring again.

    Remove the green zeds. They are annoying even though I never got hit by one of them.

  162. Found a way to kill Spiders easy.
    They go fast but they can't turn for shit.
    Just walk/sprint around the spider and you can hack it to death. Its hilariously easy.

  163. The flaming zeds are fun.I killed three of them and my character was lvl 13.

  164. @Spencer - I'm strictly melee as well but I downed 2 of those bastids with just a crowbar. I think Pwn nerfed their damage a bit. Actually survived 3 hits before dying from a Reaper. The third Reaper I aggroed myself but a spike happened, my computer is a PoS and so is my connection... ANY should know what that means in this game.
    And just to note, PLEASE don't tell me I need to get better 'skillz' anyone. Can't improve something that isn't there to start with. D: And I know my connection plays a role. If anyone here has had to deal with any sort of connection where you can only download so much per month(10GB per month before I'm getting charged for overages) then you'd probably know my pains.

  165. Whyd you all have to go and complain so much?? I cant find any bosses at all now. Ill loot in the deepest zone in the city and make it back without running into any boss of any kind. I wanna fight and loot some bosses dammit! You all deserve to die!!... moreso then u already did!

  166. Every big boss like Wraith and Mother and Flamer. Was on fire and guys if you look on Wiki of deadfrontier you will see the boss section and Special Infected. So stop complaining people.

    And Admin I hope you get more great updates like this. my name's tannerkist add me.
    See ya

  167. Only zeds in boss section are lootable.

  168. All these flaming zombies give me an idea.



  169. why would you need to use a flame thrower on a flaming zombie plus we already know that flaming zombies are harder to kill

  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. well they still not sure if firw bosses have affected the bosses themselves

  172. the fire wraith definately is harder than the normal one..i've killed a regular wraith..but those flaming ones take so much longer and their damage is evil however i can't really complain they are fair enough while still being one hell of a boss...good job Admin :)

  173. "drago433 said...
    Are there confirmed boss loots for the Burning zombie?"

    I've killed about 5 burning zombies and got 2 drops: a PP90 machine gun and a Dilmar PS chainsaw.

    Watch carefully once you kill a flaming zombie though. In both cases, the question mark indicating loot appeared a couple of inches away from the body. So when I tried searching the question mark, nothing happened. I had to go to the actual body and search it for the loot.

  174. This update completely nerfed Melee, so it needs a little balancing out. Lucky for me, I still have a great pistol, so I can take out those Leapers and exploding zombies with ease.

  175. themarioman you don't really need a pistol for leapers they are really easy to take out with melee

  176. My Lock 25 is the most useful weapon I have after this update.
    I have adapted and now I am surviving.
    Seeing a Wraith still makes me want to piss my panties though.

  177. hi admin hope u are reading this
    still game have some bugs, there is invisible pukes, spider crosses the wall, giant spider are to fast hard to handel with 124 agility.
    and prity much fine here and thax a lot .

  178. Hey neil just a few bug reports..

    First off the pukers altho there pukes passes you it still hits me WTF i sup with that?

    And second some of those spider zombies r running through walls thats just not cool.

    Over all i think its not that bad but you could have nerfed it b4 hand :(

  179. ok this is amazing i have wanted the boss loots and the new zombies for a while its completely epic!!! but i say this with most respect there needs to be building u can enter even just a little bit of them to start and add as u make more.

  180. 1 more thing my bad tannerkist said flamethrower would be cool and i so agree that would be fkin amazing!now i know im no game designer but say u put it as a skill now u would need another one for the other attributes so how about sneak or something just a thought :P

  181. If a Flamethrower does get put into the game it would probably have a strength requirement but no other requirements and you would have to buy it from the credit shop. I'd imagine it would do roughly 1-5 damage but have F***ing Crazy rate of fire and Minimal Range.

  182. gooberdooper next thing you know you are looting gas cans lol

  183. Am I the only one who isn't complaining (and I still use melee) ?

  184. hey shotgins have knockback bossted just so you all know. o yeah and i am suprised it has been more then 1 whole week and no one is flaming at admin

  185. Lol. Melee works... on some bosses.

    Taco235 has died!
    -4 Minutes Later-

  186. Does anyone know if a Leaper can still attack once its head is off? I know Bloat can still spit after it's taken off, but I'm too scared to test with a Leaper because insta-dead doesn't appeal to me.

  187. volvyur well every other zombie uses there moves with there head and arm cut off so i think so. although i havn't tried and will not

  188. The brute and leaper are easy for me to kill...
    And maybe the spider with a lil more effort...
    But for everything else, i have to be like extremely focused lol
    I love a good challenge tho.

  189. This is awesome, again! I've reached level 41, now with 100 Machine Guns and 100 Shotguns. I have killed 6 Titans(one in normal way with loot and five via weird(bug?)) I have tried to kill Wraith, and never successed. It gives awesome adrenaline burst when I see some of these Superb Zombies and they start to chase me.

    Game is really interesting, funny and challenging. Puking zombies gives extra spicy to outposts and looting, never remove these. Looting level is now perfect; I can find much much more items now, if I compare it to time before zombie update. Keep going dude and add more stuff to game! ;)

  190. And flaming zombies would be fire resist, if Flamethrowers come to game...
    Going to school playing DF! ;) GMT +2

  191. hey all u fkin pussy's stop complaining about how hard it is i fkin luv it =D its rlly not that hard so stop complaing get some kills and kick some ass! and admin pwn if u read this ignore all those fkin dumb asses saying it suks cause it rules! and flamethrowers would be cool id spend 500$ for credits just to buy lots of fuel for it and then rock some zombie ass but there would be a proplem cause what about the flaming zombies what if u flamethrower one :P any ideas guys?!?!

  192. btw looting gas cans would be epic! lol they could be also used for motorcylcls i picture a df with motorcylcles lol dont comment its just a cool idea i think but it would take alot of work to get it into the game nicely.... so i dont any of u motherf*****s saying its a dumb idea lol :P :)

  193. i know i post alot i got no life lol jk i got a gf but enough about me we should rlly get the old outpost attacks back i rlly miss them these ones are cool but iv been playing df since almost the begining like way back when there were only a few dif zombs. but the old outpost attacks were way cooler the defend was way more fun thats wat i looked forward to but now its just a fat aggro i can do that on my own.... but the games great keep up good work :)