Saturday, 16 November 2013

Scavenger Mesh released!

We've just released a new set of Limited Edition Armour and matching mask. The Scavenger Mesh is the best set of lightweight armour in the game, and will only be available until December 10th so get one while you still can!

Check it out in the Credit Shop:


  1. Admin xD! The masks look so silly. I'm sure people wouldn't mind because they did get a lot of those clown masks from Halloween. The Scavenger mesh looks beast, I'm curious to know what it looks like in the inner city. Eventually we'll find out.

  2. @Manuel Marj
    It doesn't really matter if there are aleady events because these aren't so cpmplicated, chanbge some values of certain things and done. Although i have no idea how the code works it can't be to hard to make all players have a faster speed. The ideas aren't that complicated really, so not much time gets used up. So i think admin should focus on more events since it wouldn't distract him from the big things.
    One huge thing is the map, it is to repetitive, there is only like what? 8 different block designs? and there are hundreds of blocks, why not make the map more unique. I do not mean adding places or locations like grave yards, i mean changing the road ways, make roads connect multiple blocks, not just a whole new road every block. Like 2d, but 9 times bigger :)

    1. Sounds like a unique and interesting idea, however Admins working on other things right now.(Doom Warrior)

    2. Wait, why are you telling me this? Not trying to be mean and all. xD

    3. Ikr! There can be easy implementations like a freeway or a town hall or something! I'm so bored of the map...

  3. Admin, you should check your Facebook page. You have NO IDEA how much hate they've put in to your post. xD

  4. @MrAwesomeLuis : .... Not adding new places ? Dude making more ways to get to a certain area does not make the map 'unqiue' .

    *reads last 4 lines* .... But i LOVE the idea of graveyards XD

    @Everyone : Hmmm , im really glad the market is screwed up XD The Exterm Reac XT used to be 1m+ ... now its 780k . 120k+ makes a big diff actually . But the market is stabilizing for some things :/

    Btw does ANYONE think adding new flamers is useless ?
    i.e : Flaming Long-arm , Flaming Irradiated zed ( same as normal flamers except it pukes as well )

    And do peeps want graveyards and such ?

    1. i don't know about your view, highways on random parts of the map would be epic to fight a black titan, picture the road, then the black titan, then picture the road being 4 times wider. If only admin could make multiple blocks connect, ie. fighting a boss in one block would make him follow you into another with the same health.
      Of course this would be very difficult to implant wouldn't it?
      Still i am sure lots of player would love a map that looked more like GTA 4 city in layout than what we got now.

    2. @MrAwesomeLuis : I THINK its easy .... Admin probably has to change the number of the width of the road

      But yea , fighting a horde in much more area is way more fun , love that :) That way more peeps can fight without getting in each others way . But Admin's not gonna do it

      @Everyone : What do ya guys think of NEW types of missions ? There will be 2 categories .... exterior ( what we're doing now ) and interior ( inside to get a hard disk from a comp etc)

      And i dont know about you guys , but i really prefer the 2d missions .... unlimited time , we can take 3 missions at the same time .

      And I remember Admin saying there was a new update where we can do 2 missions in 1 day .... it didn't work for me ( probably a glitch )

      Hmm ... i like Ragedeath's idea .... quick heal ( heal without going into Inv mode ) .

      And what do you think about mass-selling ? That is , you have like 10 N-2 ( from a loot trip lets assume ) and you have to sell them for 2k ... rather than just selling it one-by-one , why not select ALL and sell them for the same price ?

      Very useful for everyone who has multiple items and a slow internet or low patience XD

    3. mass selling is cool. i still stand by the quick-heal/eat idea. itll save time and its pretty annoying to go to inv every time. maybe you have to stand still for 5-10 seconds to do it. could work

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  5. @Ragedeath : Thank you :) And the idea of quick heal IS good . Saves time . But there is a problem .... you have multiple healing items of different types ( morphine , N-2 etc ) and you want to use morphine .... how will you do that ?

    I think it'll be a random process ( a healing item randomly gets selected and used ) which causes problems . It'll be really hard to code ... Admin will have to put in a code that will choose the LOWEST med and use it . OR he can make a code saying
    " if character stays still for 10 sec , then choose lowest med " ( thats not the code , im just putting it that way , there are lots of 'if's' and such .... like the time when i made a code to move a circle with arrow keys )

    1. or you know, make it extremely easy to implant by adding the medicine to med boxes, like weapon boxes, but whatever is in the med boxes is what you will use to get healed, maximum of 3, so once you use it all you'll have to go to inventory to replace. I mean what is it that you don't want to wait 10 seconds to get health? It's more challenging this way. Plus it is nothing much new, since we already got weapon boxes that we can choose in game by pressing space, just make it so we press some other button to us the heal boxes. Plus this adds more room for storage, Let's say level 1-20 = 1 box, 20-40 = 2 boxes, and a max of 3?

    2. @MrAwesomeLuis : THESE are the ideas you have !?!?? Dude , start suggesting ideas - they're awesome XD

      Hmmm , extend it ..... what about this - for lower levels ( 1-20 ) it'll have antiseptic spray and antibiotics ( 2 each ) and for 21-30 it'll have 2 morphine and 1 bandage . Then 31-40 it holds just 3 N-2 ( since N-2 is insanely useful , repairing really serious wounds in seconds ) .

      And we can separate the different kinds of 'med-boxes' ( great name ) by giving them different colours .... according to the danger zone of the outpost .

      see this pic

      The cross will be coloured differently for diff lvl med-boxes , and the name below the cross is " med-box "
      And the cross is coloured according to the lvl it is
      the lowest lvl is for Nastyains .... and Nastya's Holdeout is in a blue danger zone , so the cross is coloured blue . And so on , until the highest level med-box which is black and contains 4 lvl 75+ stuff .

      Damn , this better be implemented O_o
      \Whaddya think ?

    3. Maybe we can have it so there is a med button, where you click it and you use the medicine in what ever box you click, like numbers 4-6 on the keyboard correspond to a box.

      Since you are fighting and not standing still it'll take like 10 seconds to administer, so clicking the button you then have to wait to be healed.Of course this would add the problem of " what if i die while using the med?" well the med doesn't get used till you use it, so clicking the button and dying won't make you loose your med.

      There could also be the version where it is added instantly to your health, but it has a minute cool down, this way it isn't too easy to escape a situation.

      The focus of my suggestions is to make the game run smoother, not make it easier.

      So if taking a med pumps your health up like 1% every second till it reaches 15% or what ever, then i would like that idea. IF it was this way however, then the one minute cool-down wouldn't be necessary.

      I do like your idea for limits on levels, like making 2 boxes take antibiotics, and 2 antiseptic.

  6. More ideas

    Make it so there is a "deposit all" and "withdraw all" button on the bank, it is much easier than having to put down every single unit to get what you want.

    Make it so service classes have a service on/off button. This is because when ever you have to cancel you have to cancel all the service along with price, then retype the price when wanting to sell again. This can be a pain for service classes that go into inner city a lot.

    I love the idea of mass selling. Or having items IE morphine instantly go to the price that the last one you sold was.

    Make it so market services go to the level that is for you in the doctor/chef area, and in the repair area, go to the level of your Highest level armour in inventory, or lowest level.( This may be hard to implant)

    Increase Mission reward money to something that actually is more than what you used in ammo. Even 20k for gms seems poor.

  7. I guess this thread was created to discuss the event, the event really gave much exp but the loot from bosses is not very different than let go without event and saw'm gm difference and give ideas and made ​​just that Mr. nail put a new center of advanced intervention reduced the waiting time to open menus and some means of transportation to get from one end to another of the city, whatever horses, skates, bicycles would not be bad, and referring to weapons as I said several times a crossbow by God zomby game the only good that has no spring, and against melee weapons would be interesting to come out of the Sharktail once and it was something like 1.5 attack per second and 110 by critic would be a good weapon to loot because the existing ones are slow and all need 2-3 hits to kill long arm would be good input, without further delay thanks and greetings brothers of war

  8. @MrAwesomeLuis : I . Am . Awed XD I've thought about the 'withdraw all' idea but i kinda forgot about it . Damn Luis , why the heck did you never suggest anything ?

    And btw , you didn't respond about my distinguishing the lvl's of the med-boxes by their colour ( lowest is blue and highest is black ) . And read the entire thing k ?

    Anyways ...

    1) Med button --> excellent idea , that way you can decide how much to use etc . Awesome dude - 100/10 for coming up with a solution i couldnt . But if you want to use 1 med , just press 1 on the numerical keyboard .... till max 4 . Not 4-6 .

    2) 10 sec's to use it --> hmm , absolutely REASONABLE for not going into inv-mode . Its possible to be in a high aggro situation , & u can run away when ur crit to behind a crate and press the med-box button and stand still for 10 sec . Standing still for 10 sec isn't that big of a price . I dont like the other version , making it add instantly and needing time to 'cool-down' . Nope , make this realistic IN A WAY ... you need SOME time to open your backpack to get the med-box .

    You like my idea for limits , thanks dude ^_^

    3) "deposit all" / "withdraw all" --> Hell YES . This needs to be implemented :) Its annoying , especially for really rich players .

    4) On/Off service --> Eh , unnecessary ... can't you just stop selling it when your going to leave ? And your going to have to change the price when you turn it 'on' cause you'll probably be in a diff location in the IC where the prices are diff , so it means the same thing ... so unnecessary .

    You love my mass-selling idea , obviously - it is the biggest pain of all XD ESPECIALLY for farmers . Or when your trading with other peeps ( and they send a lot of the same stuff ) .

    Btw , a extension of my mass selling idea , except its for buying things .... why not put "buy-all" ? i.e : "Buy all" for private trading , and only when everything is free . That way you can buy the entire lot in one go

    5) Market shows services the level you are at --> Hmm , that IS tricky O_o But really good . It gets annoying when you have to go all the way down to lvl 45+ ( imagine for 75+ XD ) to cook a lot of food in preparation for a looting trip ... so you have to do it MULTIPLE times ( cook food , then go to lvl 45+ then do it again ... sigh ) .

    But great idea .

    Btw THESE are the ideas I wanted peeps to suggest , that makes the game easier for peeps .... e.g : comma's did make things easier in a way

    6) Increase reward of mission (moneywise) --> Hell yea XD
    But I think it should only be done for certain missions , not every mission ( like Big Bang ... the only reason I managed to do it with M24 as a lvl 12 is because I sniped zeds from behind a vulcan-toting dude XD ) . Missions that cannot be done without shooting a ton of ammo ( Thats nearly all the missions in FP XD ) . But yea , great idea

    Damn , all along i kept on suggesting ideas and you kept all these to yourself . Imagine if EVERYONE started suggesting ideas XD This game would be #1 ! And the #2 game wouldn't even be CLOSE to this game .

    1. i didnt complain in the old days when we coukd actually perform services in game instead of outpost mods but when the community started getting filled with whiners he removed a lot of services such as armor repairs and medical and now u have to be in an outpost, now if he brought that back,i mean idk the game is already extremely easy,its just the strenuous time you have to put or money to actually max out, one thing i did suggest though was more story line quest pertaining to your proffession,that way no one man can complete everything in the game,hell even vick wouldnt be able to do all the missions because he would have to make an account of each proffession,along with character bios and such, he also cant do ur med idea for a reason,a lot of weapons he will not touch or ideas are listed in the forums in i&s , he finds it easier to ban people than to explain why he wont do it because its written down

  9. This game needs more development! like seriously zombies spawning right infront you and attack like im dying to see alot of bug fixes an lags get out game PLEASE!

    1. Dude, give this guy A BREAK. He's one man doing everything he can to keep it alive. I was in your spot too when I kind-of gave up on this game. Imagine YOURSELF being alone without a team doing everything. How would that make you feel?

  10. @ERmay
    Dude, i remember when i was like you, i didn't use commas or periods, you know what happened? People raged at me :(.

    As you find some things unnecessary so do i. The med boxes having color would be a more cosmetic perk than needed. How ever it is a nice touch.

    You didn't respond to the health version where it increases your health by 1% every second to a max of 15%, but you don't have to stand still or even have a cooldown. Yet this version may be more difficult to implant and be hard to have with the current sync system, yet it is pretty cool to me.

    I think that standing still for 10 seconds just to use a drug is more of disadvantage than what we have now, right now you at least can go to inventory, and go pause with what we have now.

    I said buttons 4-6 because i think that 1-3 are already taken up by weapon boxes right?

    1. brother support your idea, I apologize for my bad English I'm Spanish and I was not very good at, frankly your idea is great, but I think Mr. nail nesesita be more aware of their great game which has great potential, I've been playing since 2009, and honestly if corrected bugs include an additional weapons range would be great my idea would crossbows and shield, I like to write here that gm forum do not hear much, also some kind of transportation to an area faster because the speed boost even taking them take long to reach NEZ, also would be nice a new outpost, a greeting brothers

  11. @MrAwesomeLuis : I didn't respond to the 1% per sec thingy cause I preferred the original one ... waiting 10 secs after clicking med button to use it . And how would the colours be a cosmetic thing ? They're there to distinguish between the level of the med-boxes - i dont care about changing something just to make it LOOK better .

    @ERM : Spanish eh ? The only spanish I know is to count from 1 to 10 XD

    NOW I understand who Nail is XD Its Neil , not Nail XD
    And yea , this game has GREAT potential , but Admin's not putting the updates . Luis , you agree with me right ? There are some updates that would seriously benefit everyone

    But erm , ErM - transportation is not a good idea , nor is crossbows and sheilds or a new outpost ( i suggested that , Precinct-EndZone XD ) . Those ideas are on the DNSL ... Do Not Suggest List .

    @MrAwesomeLuis : Hell yea , now i understand why i've been feeling bored before ... I haven't been suggesting ideas XD
    And yea I forgot about the 1-3 numbers being used *smacks head* srry bout that O_o ( btw it should be 4 to 7 ... 4 is 1 item used , 5 is 2 items used , 6 is 3 items used and 7 is 4 ... e.g : 4 N-2 )

    And what about this ....

    lvl 1-10 --> (blue) 2 antiseptic sprays and 2 antibiotics
    lvl 11-20 --> (green)
    lvl 21-30 --> (yellow)
    lvl 31-40 --> (orange) 3 morphine and 1 bandages
    lvl 40-75 --> (red) 4 N-2
    lvl 75+ --> (black) 3 N-8B and 1 steroid

    nice eh ? And pressing 7 ( 4 gets used ) means you use 3 N-8B and 1 steroid , not 4 N-8B or something .

    Btw , what happens when the meds get over ? Does a empty box remain or something ? Should this be like a security box ? Or is it like a med ... the moment you finish a antiseptic spray , you throw it away ? Cause i prefer that .

    1. @Shadow Maestro Titanus because they are not good ideas, shield, crossbow or Transporting?, and other questions are game design or something? much the game would open the above by k melee a player is at a disadvantage against hordes using a mechanical saw, and of course I wish also propose silencers but I do not have the subtlety of stealth, a greeting by the way sorry for misspelling the name mr neil

  12. I found an Admin impersonator, he goes by the name of "ADMIN albert", if he's not an admin, I'm sorry but he's pretending like he's your friend and saying he has Corpse Armor. (He's level 5 and Corpse Armor doesn't sell anymore"

  13. @Tanner, it can be an alt and he could have sent the carapace to it even if the corpse armor is no longer sold.

  14. @ErM : Hello again :) Buenos Noches :) No , I think everyone agrees that a ranged silent wep is a bad idea ( gun + melee hybrid ... melee is silent , it does not attract the attention of other zeds while gun is ranged ) .

    And the ideas you are suggesting are on the DNSL ... Do Not Suggest List . They will not be implemented ( some of them ) while some are GOING to be implemented , no need to suggest it ^_^

    and some the ideas you are suggesting will give everyone a unfair advantage .... silencers CAN be incorporated ( and made quite practical , silencers make a gun REALLY inaccurate ) so they wont be implemented . And zombies have destroy TANKS and MILITARY VEHICLES , bicycles and skates are nothing to them ... and I dont think anyone skates faster than they can run especially if they're going uphill .

    Sheild is a ok idea , but its 'already there' ( armours ) in the game so no need .
    Transportation is unfair and unrealistic - everything is destroyed in the zombie world , all vehicles and such . Strong vehicles ( trucks and tanks ) have been demolished ... flimsy stuff like cycles will be dust by now .

    And no , peeps are not at a disadvantage in the open ....I have been able to take on a huge mob in Fort Pastor and fight it for a really long time ( its possible to create endless aggro 1 block below FP ) .

    @Everyone : Im going on to the next blog .... dont send a message to me on THIS blog , check the latest blog ( on a awesome event im gonna MISS ... aargh )

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  16. Think of it this way;
    The game is dying. Fast.
    AdminPwn can't think of any good new material to attract players that will play further than level 30.
    The game is done for, unless AdminPwn makes some good new material for events and weaker players.

    AdminPwn should just stop this game while he still can and get a team together to take over, he can't keep the game alive unless he devotes most of his time to it, which is what we don't want.

    Dead Frontier is dying due to becoming 3D, wake up and smell the ashes everyone - the game is done.

  17. This game cant be finished man there is alot of Bullshit needs to be done like Fixing lags and terrible zombie spawning like the game is Bullshit it should shutdown and go under construction like really it irritates me so much when i die because of zombie spawn and lags like totally needs to be developed!!

  18. This game is pure Bullshit like really how the fuck you keep entering new parts of Map on missions and they keep rushing you and not giving you time to loot to complete like this is fuckry cause the aggro control is bullshit i cant believe theres no fixing in the damn game when theres alot of fuckry going on the game really needs to shutdown and be under construction and release when all these problems are solve like it really fucking pisses me off it gets real fucking annoying!!!